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Children's dental health and the role of parents

Do you take care of yourself since you have been a mother? The truth is, no. Most women who are immersed in raising their children do not have enough time to take care of themselves as always and leave aside some aspects of their life, such as dental health. Apart from the problem this represents for your mouth, don’t forget that it can also influence your child’s dental health prevention.


How can it happen? It is really as simple as that you are a reference to imitate for your child. If he sees that you regularly go to your dentist check-ups, he will see how normal to follow his dental health prevention plan. One of the most important habits that you can instill in your child is caring for his health, and being a good example for him in terms of maintaining regular visits to the dentist, without traumas or unpleasant comments, will be key to getting him to see the care of your teeth as something normal.

Children's dental health and the role of parents


Of course, you are aware that you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and apply the entire oral hygiene process. That is, mouthwash and dental floss to fight against the accumulation of plaque in the enamel of your teeth. Does your child really see you do it? Why don’t you become the mirror of what he should do? Introduce your child to dental hygiene from a very young age so that they will be assuming what are the dental health prevention guidelines that they should follow as they grow up. 


Sweets and sugary drinks are not the best for teeth health. Instead, fruits and vegetables will become your best allies when it comes to eating the nutrients you need without damaging your teeth. Do you want your child to follow the same guidelines? Show them how important it is for you to eat well, and teach him that this has a positive impact on your teeth. Without a doubt, it will be normal to follow your steps.


Although many parents do not pay attention to their children’s milk teeth, it is obvious that they play an important role in their current and, above all, future dental health. As mothers you can collaborate very easily in having your child adopt these healthy habits for the future of his mouth. Finally, it is essential that you be aware of the need for periodic check-ups to detect any small problem in the teeth. If your children see you go to the dentist’s office normally, they will also adopt a better attitude when their turn comes.