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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

The procedure involves the full and complete removal of one or more teeth in your mouth.

What are Tooth Extractions?

At Sudbury Dental, we are able to perform a range of different extractions to benefit your oral and dental health. An extraction is performed when a tooth is compromising the health of your teeth. The procedure involves the full and complete removal of one or more teeth in your mouth. We are able to perform any extraction in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you.

Why might you require a Tooth Extraction?

You might need to have a tooth extracted if it is compromising your dental health. For example, a tooth that is severely decayed or loose because of advanced gum disease would benefit from extraction. Adults can benefit from wisdom tooth extraction if the teeth are impacted or do not have enough room to fully come up through the gums. Extractions are a type of dental surgery, but the process is simple and requires minimal post-operative recovery time.

tooth extraction

What makes you a candidate for Tooth Extractions?

To determine if you would benefit from a tooth extraction, you’ll come into our practice for a full exam and consult with Dr. Kang. X-rays and other types of images may be necessary prior to the procedure being performed. We can talk about sedation and anesthetic choices with you before you go for oral surgery, especially if multiple extractions are needed at the same time. Extractions can also be performed on pediatric patients whose baby teeth are having a difficult time coming out on their own.

What happens when you have a Tooth Extracted?

You will first receive the anesthetic or sedation of your choice to make the extraction as comfortable as possible. Dr. Kang then works to remove the tooth from its socket. For impacted teeth, a small incision is required prior to removing the tooth. Sutures may be necessary for certain patients, but they are not required with every extraction. You will be given incredibly important aftercare instructions that help you heal during recovery time. Extractions are done quickly and are a lot less invasive than you might think.

If you think you might need to have just one or multiple teeth removed, call our office to speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members.