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Night Guards

Night Guards

The mouth guard is designed to protect the teeth from damage while the person is sleeping at night.

What are Night Guards?

A night guard can be a crucial component in protecting your teeth throughout the night. Many people suffering from bruxism, or tooth grinding, without even knowing it. Most cases of bruxism happen at night while the patient is sleeping. The mouth guard is designed to protect the teeth from damage while the person is sleeping at night.

Why would you need a Night Guard?

We may recommend a night guard to you if you grind your teeth while sleeping. The guard is there to protect your teeth from damage that could ultimately result in invasive treatment and even tooth loss. Some of the most common signs of bruxism include:

• You wake up with a sore, stiff jaw
• Your teeth hurt, especially in the morning
• You find yourself waking up with clenched teeth throughout the night
• The biting surfaces of your teeth appear flat rather than pointed
• You have morning-specific headaches or migraines
• Your teeth are cracked, broken or have fractured

What makes you a good candidate for a Night Guard?

The benefits of wearing a night guard are apparent and the guards themselves are specifically made for each individual patient. This provides patients with a comfortable, lasting appliance that can be worn every single night. If you grind your teeth at night or have been told that you grind your teeth by the way that your teeth appear, a night guard is the right option for you. The guards themselves can last for years and be replaced as needed.

What happens during the procedure for a Night Guard?

Dr. Kang will first perform an examination to check for signs of bruxism. Severe bruxism can often be seen with a typical dental exam as well as several x-rays. Impressions will be taken of your mouth and teeth so that the night guard is made comfortably for you to wear each night. It is important that you wear your new night guard every single night so that it’s effective in putting a stop to the effects of tooth grinding. By wearing a night guard, you’ll find that your jaw feels better and you suffer fewer or no cracks, breaks and tooth fractures.

If you think you may need a night guard or want to know more about this procedure, contact our office and our friendly staff members can help in assisting you.